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Nigeria Update

Nigeria is rapidly advancing and scale of real growth stands second only to government plans.Nigeria 2
Key supporting factors will be the huge, young and urbanised population, large oil and gas reserves and an increasingly diversified economy.

A lot of companies expanding into West Africa see Nigeria as a gateway to the region, even before Ghana. While Ghana’s main advantage is a stable democracy and thus a safe entry point for total newcomers to the African continent, Nigeria offers by far the largest market in the region, being home to nearly 170 million of the 250 million people living in West Africa. Nigeria is also Africa’s second-largest economy & leading oil producer

“Although trading in Africa has its challenges, the opportunity exists to invest in its future with particular emphasis on infrastructure and utilities such as electricity, water and telecommunications. Besides the need to upgrade roads and ports there is an absence of refrigerated space to accommodate agricultural and perishable product.” – Photios Tzellios, Supply Chain Director – Shoprite

Source: Africa gearing up PWC

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