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APMDC – No Lost Time Injury

APMDC, Nigerian shipping and logistics specialist, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its safety culture. The company reached an all-time record one year Zero LTI (lost time injury) free man-hours.

APMDC Nigeria No LTIAPMDC commitment to safety
This outstanding achievement is a true testament of APMDC’s commitment to safety; effectively translated into action when it comes to creating and maintaining safe working practices.

Underpinning this safety culture and APMDC success are the following precepts:

  • A “rigorous and prudent approach”
  • Attention to detail characterized by everything that is done at APMDC.
  • A questioning attitude
  • Staff can challenge and question decision-making within the organization; this is accepted and encouraged across all operational levels.

Communication within the organization is optimal. All employees are valued members of the organization, contributing collectively and individually to the quality of information exchange within the company.

Diamond Atuyota, Managing Director / CEO commented:
‘Safety has always been at the core of our business and we pride ourselves in the investment we have made to uphold such records in all our operations. It remains a priority throughout all of our operations and has become an entrenched culture within the organization. It is for this reason that we continually improve our performance, striving for excellence in health and safety at all times. It is also for this reason that we have to celebrate this achievement, because it comes after much concerted effort by all of us in the company.’

Celebrating the achievement of 1year LTI Free in the Logistics sector is an important distinguisher, as it says a lot about any company operating in this field.

 We congratulate each and every one of our employees on this auspicious milestone; as there is little doubt in our minds that we would have come this far without everyone’s contribution!’